Can You Hear The Scent?

The Challange- Moving closer from a distance

March 2020: L'Oréal launched their latest female fragrance “YSL Libre”, featuring the sights of sounds of their brand ambassador, global pop sensation Dua Lipa.

Sponsoring one of her top playlists on Anghami, the campaign made a lot of noise with streams increasing by 440% in less than 2 weeks. Then, Covid-19 struck, and the campaign placed on PAUSE.

August 2020: Staging a comeback YSL and Anghami set out to re-ignite the YSL Libre campaign which had sat dormant for the past 5 months. The comeback had to be well orchestrated, and in tune with the challenges which the Covid-19 crisis had brought to the mix:

Fragrances are highly experiential products. How would the campaign build awareness and engagement and get users to feel the intense power of YSL Libre in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, when consumers were practicing caution, locked indoors

and socially distancing themselves?

The Approach- Introducing a virtually irresistible connection

Fragrance ads build emotive connections, by inspiring a range of feelings and fantasies.

Leverage Anghami’s newly introduced commercial opportunity “Immersive 8D Audio Ads” YSL became the first brand in the region to pioneer the development of a highly experiential journey for YSL’s Libre brand, featuring Dua Lipa.

Cutting edge 8D immersive audio technology helped to recreate the previously designed YSL Libre audio ads into the new 8D format, with distribution commencing across the GCC, targeting females (18-44).

“Immersive or augmented reality Audio is a sound design technique that places the listener at the heart of the action. Users can be transported to places and experiences all through the power of sound. In simple terms, it is virtual SOUND reality. The technology gave users a unique experience, where Dua Lipa’s voice empowered women and enticed engagement, ultimately bringing the perfume brand closer to its potential consumers.

The Results- The sweet smell of success

  • 113% increase in CTR vs. the industry’s benchmark.
  • Massive Upper Funnel impact: Brand awareness up by 67% and ad recall up by 143%
  • Mid funnel success, increased brand consideration by 25% and favorability by 37%
  • Female millennials were mostly engaged (amongst users)